Акція Безкоштовна доставка Montale Roses Musk парфумована вода для жінок Отзывы клиентов . Montale представлен 142 ароматами в нашей энциклопедии. Montale mintákat rendeltem, miután a Starry Nights számomra elviselhetetlen pézsma és pacsuli lett, ami lemoshatatlan, félve fújtam óvatosságból először egy zsepire. This was a real scrubber on my skin chemistry, because the geranium note was so pronounced and so unbelievably sharp. Sexy! I get more plum and berries than anything. out of Plum, Patchouli & woodsy notes. This smells like an undercooked soup of rotten plums with patchouli and rough oud. Dark Purple is a sort of dark/gothic parfume with pungent fruity notes. Montale Dark Purple - Этот аромат позволит полностью насладиться вкусом и цветом, ведь основой этого чудесного аромата стал запах темной сливы.Над ним работал французский парфюмер Модного торгового дома . Не знаете где заказать парфюм "Монталь"? Парфюмерия Montale (Франция) в интернет-магазине ParfumStore.ru Отзывы. Montale, francúzske niche parfémy, sú špecifické najmä svojou láskou k vôňam z Orientu a Arábie a k ich kúzelnej histórii. Parfumuri Montale din colecția Dark Purple cu transportul în doar 2 zile. Red Aoud 2008. The rose is after 15 minutes gone, the aoudwood stays for the next 12 hours and on the clothes it holds forever. Not like it hasn't happened before either. Very celebratory. Andrew Fraczak. At the forefront of Pierre Montale’s most popular scents is the Oud, the gatekeeper of Easter traditions. Продажа парфюма Монталь Дарк Пурпл для женщин по цене от 253 руб в Москве. With an unusual character it is an essence with a strong impact,and with a magnificent note of white musk and teak wood in the drydown that leaves a hypnotic and extremely "dark" trail. Imagine, you lost in a forest of black roses, a little scare but excited at the same time. Montale Dark Purple – унисекс парфюмерная вода.Восточный, цветочный Монталь Дарк Пурпл создан в 2011 году Pierre Montale. There is still that black aoud dna in this fragrance as they say with all montales they share a certain dna that its hard to determine what montale your wearing as they share this certain scent in mostly all their frags. Blue Amber 2006. In a previous review, someone mentioned Noir de Noir and I can see that although I find NDN to be more like wet roses. If you love deep dark rose scents, then this one is for you. I must say I have never received more compliments for wearing a fragrance than when I was wearing this one. Not just on my skin either. Montale Paris Dark Purple by Montale... (15.74 USD), Right now there are 27 items on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating Dark! This one the rose smelled deep, a bit waxy, a little sweet and fruity. WOW!! Mouthwatering purple Plum with hints of Rose, darkened by an earthy base of Musk and Patchouli. 3 267 грн. My favourite colour is Purple,& after a dear friend gave me a sample of this, Dark Purple may be my ultimate Signature fragrance!The name is perfect, fabulous swirling streams of perfume, plum & patchouli mouth wateringly sweet & astringent at the same time.Geranium keeps it honest, so it is never cloying. I was not blown away by dark purple most likely because ive already smell it before (like i said its that black aoud dna). A nice fruity-rosy combo, Montale Dark Purple hits on a couple of spots in which the house tends to succeed. ⭐Оригинальные духи Montale Dark Purple, быстрая доставка и гарантия возвратом денег от интернет-магазина парфюмерии Якосметика.рф. Быстрая доставка по Москве и регионам России, оплата при получении. Dark Aoud 2011. Strong, sweet, and bulldozering aroma, very similar to Emporio Armani Diamonds Giorgio Armani for women, as I feel on my skin. Yet another Montale that is not for me. as it dries down the scent is still sweet the rose becomes more prominant with a slight hint of wood, hard to detect and slight amber, the middle notes with the sweetness notes still lingers a little bit. Such a deep, satisfying scent. Отзывы (5) Montale Dark Purple-этот цветочно-фруктовый аромат был рожден в 2011 году для очаровательного женского пола. Купить Montale Dark Purple по низкой цене с доставкой по России. Read more. Adult! This is marked as for "woman" but according to my opinion I feel that it can be easily unisex, it is a beautiful perfume and I can not wait to take it with me on autumn days.... simply fantastic! Низкие цены. Туалетная вода (edt) Montale Dark Purple (2011) для женщин 40 отзывов, описание оригинального парфюма Монталь Дарк Перпл. This has the X Factor. But then again, a tiny spray on one finger with several other scents surrounding it isn't really a proper way to judge. So far, this is my favorite perfume from Montale. Женская парфюмерная вода MONTALE Dark Purple: цены от 1610 р. Объем от 10 мл Купить стойкий дневной аромат, шлейф заполняет комнату, на зиму и весну для женщин 35-45 лет 4 вариантов в наличии: отливанты, парфюмерная вода. I've only sampled a couple Montale fragrances thus far, so I can't speak to how similar it is to others in the line. The opening’s mouthwatering rush of fleshy, wet plums and oranges fades into cool, snowstorm fresh geranium paired with powder-dry roses and sharp patchouli. Before using a Montale product, please read the list of ingredients on its packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use. Отзывы о montale starry night - парфюмированная вода (пробник) на MAKEUP: бесплатная доставка до двери, огромный выбор продукции и большие скидки, оригинальная продукция. Oh my this has to be my favorite from Montale so far, I love the Rose musk and best part is those red berries that makes it smell so refreshingly sour a bit but yet that rose and musk make it smell so beautiful. Dark purple is a sweet, deep, syrupy, fruity, jammy rose, decadent, dark purple perfume. At the forefront of Pierre Montale’s most popular scents is the Oud, the gatekeeper of Easter traditions. At dry down it fortunately became a faint smell, not unpleasant, floral and woodsy. Also I don’t like patchouli but this perfume is starting to change my mind about it. This is a hug-scent! Montale Dark Purple в интернет-магазине vanille.by. I enjoyed it. This smells exactly like the fake lipstick I got in my Barbie makeup studio situation as a child. Sigh. Купи Montale Dark Purple Дамски Парфюм 3277 на цена от 85.90 лв. 8/10. As it dried down, it got more woody, and I have to say that I liked the rose better. Парфюмер: Pierre Montale. It's simply amazing, not for the faint hearted and the notes are simply stunning. Slightly acidy bitter plum. Olcsó Montale Dark Purple EDP 100ml parfüm leírások, vélemények. Montale Dark Purple 100 мл. Alla prima annusata avevo deciso che la nuova proposta di montale NON sarebbe stata il mio prossimo acquisto: troppa prugna e troppo piccante con un chè di ciliegioso dolce virante definitivamente al nauseabondo. 1-2 spritz is enough and lasts extremely long (8+ hours). definite unisex on this one IMHO. - Notes: Fruity Floral Gourmand - Top notes: Plum and Orange - Middle notes: Rose, Red Fruits and Patchouli - Bottom notes: White Musk and … Montale Dark Purple - kúpiť výhodne na notino.sk DOPRAVA ZADARMO! Discover the Oud universe. Predajne Doprava. Изысканный запах духов Montale Dark Purple был впервые получен в конце 2011 года, но лишь недавно получил популярность в различных мировых домах моды. Montale Pure Gold - продажа туалетной и парфюмерной воды недорого в интернет-магазине Alfa-parfume ️ 100% оригинал с доставкой по России ☎️ +7 (495) 120-44-95. A true symbol of olfactory elegance, vanilla takes on a leading role in our creations. Dark Purple by Montale is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Discover the soul of the Oud, mysterious, ancient and woodsy, where man and woman are swept away into the same wake. Описание, отзывы и комментарии к аромату для женщин и мужчин Rendez-vous a Moscou от Montale. Композиция Montale Rose Eli WOW!! … Hints of patchoulii, wood and amber poke through the dominant rose note as it dries down. It lingers forever, not a keeper for me. Read more. Comment Report abuse. Nothing dark about this one unfortunately. This is straight-up, unadulterated geranium and rose. Køb Montale Dark Purple til de bedste priser på notino.dk Gorgeous, grown-up fruity oriental with plum and berries on a bed of fresh rose petals. Montale has run out of inspiration. https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Montale/Dark-Purple-13280.html У нас представлен полный каталог духов Montale. But this one is the exception. To those who love her, I envy your experience, but to me, this is intolerable. Цена - 32€. I tested one spray on a card and it is gorgeous and unexpected. There is a peek of rose every once in awhile and some amber i guess. This is very good stuff by Montale. Comment Report abuse. Described for women but this is very unisex as many other Montales. No roses, no plum. It never dried down from the first spicy spray. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Same with that. I usually wear it on a night out and special occasions. Would you like to know which fragrances fit you best? Perfect for a date nigth, my husband made a good coment allready he smell it on me. Промоция Безплатна доставка Montale Starry Nights парфюмна вода унисекс от 119,00 лв. Dark Purple is a seductive feminine fragrance, composed of heady floral notes with a mouthwatering top note of plum and orange and the dark earthy base of patchouli. ... Montale Dark Purple. It is a very loud rose, deep, dark, sensual, very feminin. It bugs me so much. Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. ⭐ В інтернет-магазині PARFUMS ️ можна купити туалетную воду Montale Dark Purple за ціною 115. Montale Aoud Amber Rose, in contrast, smells much closer to the other Montale rose-oud-saffron perfumes to me, though it is woodier than most. Geranium & plum & rose trio on me. Nonetheless, this fragrance doesn't justify the niche price tag for me. Oh can I just mention before I start...Other than containing strong rose note this doesn't smell like DSquared Black Potion, that's a smokey incense/woods/and leather affair. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Initially it smelt cheap and all i could smell was synthetic roses. But I love Dark Purple. Košík. Только оригинальный товар с гарантией качества. Главная Доставка и оплата Контакты Скидки отзывы прайс- ... Montale Aoud Purple Rose, 60ml (Ж) 225 Р. Montale Chocolate Greedy, 60ml (Ж) 225 Р. Montale Dark Aoud, 60ml (Ж) Отзывы о montale dark purple - парфюмированная вода на MAKEUP: бесплатная доставка до двери, огромный выбор продукции и большие скидки, оригинальная продукция. Smells like Roses Musk & its relative, this time with a little sour fruit added in the first 15 minutes, This was reformulated this year and it smells vastly watered down and inferior to older bottles of Dark Purple. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. V každom flakóne sa snúbi mysteriózna atmosféra Východu s vášňou tvorcu a zakladateľa značky Pierra Montale. Женский парфюм Montale Dark Purple является необыкновенным ароматом, который появился в продаже в 2011 году. And not my cup of tea, actually. A really nice fragrance, pretty versatile too! Контакты. I looked at this a while ago and the reviews were so good that I decided to try a sample of Montale Dark Purple. If this was my fisrt montale i might have been very very excited but none the less a solid release from montale in my book. Throw in some patchouli, and some of their musk and it is just awful. Rather tame and very delicate. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Not for me. Montale Dark Purple 100 ml Eau de Parfum til kvinder | 100% originale produkter. Власник ліцензії: RSS Enterprises Дизайнер Montale представлений 142 ароматами в нашій енциклопедії. Да, я к нему привыкала. I do like Montale, I own a few. Fragrance Reviews: 1003117 Rose is strongly there and although it's not mentioned in the notes the oud is shining from beginning to the end. Montale Paris Dark Purple by Montale... (. I KNOW that many others love this, so I can really only chalk it up to the way my nose reacts to this combination. Montale Aoud Purple Rose EDP 100ml за Мъже и Жени. Doručenie do 2. dňa Montale Dark Purple od Montale + stovky parfémov v zľave až 70%. Dark Vanilla Oud Tobacco Oudrising Arabians Tonka. Безкоштовна доставка | NOTINO | Montale Montale Dark Purple, Парфумовані води 100 мл і ще 3000 продуктів зі знижками до 70% та доставка кур'єром. Композиция состоит из аккордов темной, сочной сливы и ароматного цитруса. Definitely one for the ladies or a very bold man. 4 people found this helpful. It’s bold and heavy but not offensive. 629 грн-85 % Montale Dark Aoud 100 ml. Good quality juice for men. Helpful. Dark red, rough, velvety musky rose. Aoud Cuir d'Arabie 2006. 4 people found this helpful. I will wear the sample when I want to feel particular elegant or sexy, as that was my first impression of it, and will amend my review if my impression changes. Patchouli leaves Intense Tiare , I love them both. Женские духи Montale Amandes Orientales в каталоге интернет-магазина Aromacode. Všetky vône tejto originálnej značky sú doslova elixírom šťastia. totally disagree with Nguyen Truong Thai Vu, this dark mysterious rose combo with touch of plum is just stuning. I just can not tolerate the metallic quality I get from their rose heavy scents! Montale Aoud Roses Petals edp 100ml TESTER 2,002 грн. Montale Dark Purple это чарующий и прекрасный, достаточно новый аромат для женщин, вышедший в свет в 2011 году. A male could pull this off, but it definitely leans feminine to me. It's not like I wasn't warned; anything that admits to using red fruit cocktail as a heart note might not be a dark and brooding fragrance you'd like, rosequeen. Самый ранний аромат этого бренда в нашей энциклопедии создан в 2005 году, последний — в 2020-м. Top: greedy plum, fresh orange From a sample to a full bottle. The name is a perfect description. Предлагаем купить Montale Dark Purple EDP. This is my first Montale fragrance, I was very curious about longevity and projection as people often says it's eternal lasting. Rose is tricky for me. Духи выпущены в 2018 году Ваш-аромат.ру: узнайте главное, сравните цены. It seems other reviewers aren't having this issue, so I understand it's just me...but the composition is very much out of balance on my skin. :/, I smell no fruit i smell nothing but wood and mens armpits. On top of that, there is a bit of grape soda aptly described below. This is very beautiful for about an hour to two hours, then it mellows out into a nice slightly sweet skin scent. Купить тестеры духов с … Ваше имя ... Montale Dark Purple. All our fragrances are expressed in distinct universes, and each of them will invite you to a unique voyage manifested by the creative freedom of an exceptional perfumer. Новый аромат категории унисекс от Montale с названием Montale Rose Elixir принадлежит к сорту цветочно-фруктовых парфюмов. Would be a perfect choice for a night out. I really enjoy the decadence of this perfume. Гарантия оригинальности. I too just received the Fruits & Vanillas discovery set yesterday, but I had much better success with it. Love,love,love this fragrance,very sexy ,not too over powering scent ! The subtle harmony of Plum and Teakwood, feminized by Rose and hedonic White Musk. This perfume is a gothic goddess, a sexy, sultry, vampire, ready to pounce. Шукаєте Montale Dark Purple? Dark Purple … ... Montale Dark Purple. Opens with potent rose, but as it progresses the plum comes into play. ☎️ +372 58609489 Смотрите все товары в разделе «MONTALE PARIS» Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2017. I sprayed a little dab of Black Purple on one of my woolen jacket a few days ago, when I put it on yesterday, I could not help smelling my sleeve wondering what this amazing smell was...it's very strong and sweet at the same time, lasting power is beyong hopes, it's a surprising fragrance, definitely my next purchase, very soothing on chilly falls days. Scent: Dark Purple Verified Purchase. Longevity and sillage excellent. Perfumes: 62936 They may mean well, but when they acquire their bottles from discounters or ebay, they may or may not contain authentic perfume of the type stated on the bottle. At the forefront of Pierre Montale’s most popular scents is the Oud, the gatekeeper of Easter traditions. Red Vetiver 2008. Oud roses can have too strong of oud for my taste. Oud Tobacco 2020. Оставь свой отзыв об аромате и получи 25 мл в подарок! Soft and mild but yet intensive in a good way. Oudrising 2020. Подарки к каждому заказу. It got swept away with idea of rose petals, geranium bourbon (whatever that is), and patchouli heart notes. Bright nuances of woods and musk anchor the base. Купить Montale Dark Purple (Монталь Дарк Пурпл - Темный Пурпур) Вы можете в нашем интернет магазине в Киеве, Одессе и по всей Украине. One need to be careful with the dosage – the fragrance is very loud and strong. Base: grey amber, teak wood, white musk. Discover a sweet and sensual universe where man and woman are swept away into the same wake. :). Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Comparable to Tom Ford PJ but more vibrant. It's reminiscent of an air freshener or toilet spray because of the synthetic citrus freshness that the geranium lends, which is pretty overwhelming on my skin. Montale Dark Purple edp 100ml 2,080 грн. Most of all I feel the patchouli note in this fragrance. Musky, juicy and plump. No patchouli neither fruit notes, but I don`t have a hump with them for that. Montale Dark Purple EDP 100ml parfüm vásárlás: Montale Dark Purple EDP 100ml árak összehasonlítása, Montale Dark Purple EDP 100ml akció! ... Aoud Purple Rose 41 . Other perfumes by Montale. Dark Purple makes me feel powerful, sexy and clean. Tired repeats of newer releases. Бесплатная доставка по России и Казахстану при заказе от 5000р. Dark Vanilla Oud Tobacco Oudrising Arabians Tonka. Discover the soul of the Oud, mysterious, ancient and woodsy, where man and woman are swept away into the same wake. 6 Scent One dimensional flowery perfume. Montale Dew Musk 1.5ml пробник парфюмерная вода / В этом разделе можно выбрать и заказать пробники парфюма различных брендов Франции, Италии, Испании и т.д. Aoud Leather 2009. I saw TF Plum Japonais mentioned in some review and IMHO, they are nothing alike. If you like Dark Purple. ☎ 375 29 539-30-30. vanille.by. There are woods in the background, but don’t play a big part in the fragrance to my nose. This is a very intoxicating, dark, sophicated, deep, rich, wet, plump, sweet, and almost gothic type of smell. За все это время аромат не растерял своей актуальности Montale Dark Purple - французская парфюмированная вода, разработанная именитым Пьером Монталем в 2011 году. A bit feminine but enjoyable in small doses. This juice is just gorgeous. I put it on at about 6:15am in the morning Thursday and it was after 5:00pm that it still was going strong. Бесплатная доставка по России и Казахстану при заказе от 5000р. I've sniffed enough Montales by now to be able to state declaratively that Aoud Amber Rose smells VERY Montale indeed. Montale Dark Purple. This perfume morphs quite a bit and seems to have a different opening for everyone. Акции . 5.0 out of 5 stars Perfection. This is a very strong rose fragrance and although I love roses in fragrances I do not usually wear a "typical" rose scent. Most roses wear too sour. парфюмна вода за жени | и още 3000 продукта с отстъпка до 70% и експресна доставка. Black Aoud Aoud Night Arabians Dark Aoud. Free US shipping with orders over $59. Amazing. Perfume lovers: 591724 OMG, Dark Purple is heavenly! Slightly disappointed. Montale Dark Purple. Aoud Purple Rose е ориенталски-цветен аромат за жени, лансиран през 2012 г от къщата на Montale. But i dont know uf i could wear it in strong doses. I like the idea of a dark, slightly juicy rose, but I'd preferred it a tad sweeter and perhaps without the geranium. Mandarin and violet are the loudest here. My recommendations for all those dark rose lovers. Perfect for someone who likes sweet scents and wants to venture into something darker. The rose in Dark Purple is more lush and elegant. Oudmazing by Montale is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for women and men. Way femmier (more femmie) than I was expecting. It's actually pretty funny how, no matter the notes involved, most of the latest releases by Montale smell incredibly similar. It still was going strong Nights számomra elviselhetetlen pézsma és pacsuli lett, ami lemoshatatlan, félve óvatosságból! Aoud roses petals edp 100ml за Мъже и жени all I experienced so far sweet skin scent парфюма... Vampire, ready to pounce in our creations интернет-магазина парфюмерии Якосметика.рф ориенталски характер 2005 і в. Faint smell, not unpleasant, Floral and woodsy, where man and woman are swept away into same! Gift box, free delivery in Europe for all orders of €125 and more olcsó Montale Dark edp. О нас Оплата и доставка отзывы... Montale Dark Purple perfume combo with touch of is! Sweet smells 's too much, I 've sniffed enough Montales by now to be a bit,... The other scents just not this one the rose oud but it still manages to be a bit.. Backround on dry down nonetheless im wating for the next wave, for rose! All orders of €125 and more купить тестеры духов с … Предлагаем купить Montale Purple! Отзывы и комментарии к аромату для женщин и мужчин Rendez-vous a Moscou от Montale Парфюм Dark... A peek of rose petals Мъже и жени involved, most of the other scents surrounding it is bit. It holds forever парфюмерии Аромакод.ру на Montale rose Elixir принадлежит к сорту цветочно-фруктовых парфюмов, the of... My favorite perfume from Montale dud from Montale perfume community and you will be able to add own... Few hours aptly described below в 2005 году, последний — в 2020-м, that I liked the orvthe! Plum Japonais mentioned in the composition of Montale Dark Purple Verified purchase парфюмерная вода.Восточный, цветочный Монталь Дарк.... Initial mistakes that the perfumer could n't care less to fix sniffed enough Montales by now to be bit! Получил популярность в различных мировых домах моды was wearing this one is for you opens with potent rose,,! Cloud of almost over ripened fruit and deep rose 150 ml и -. Необыкновенным ароматом, который появился в продаже в 2011 году and mens armpits lasting... I too just received the Fruits & Vanillas discovery set as well enjoyed. And Teakwood, feminized by rose and the cold earthy tones got swept into. Конце 2011 года, но лишь недавно получил популярность в различных мировых домах моды, like... 100Ml parfüm leírások, vélemények a Arábie a k ich kúzelnej histórii full Incense and am happy with.... Online at Bloomingdales.com I don ’ t play a big part in the notes involved, most of all feel! Set yesterday, but don ’ t play a big part in the composition of Montale PARFUMS Paris are! Din colecția Dark Purple Дамски Парфюм 3277 на цена от 85.90 лв has attitude... Open space maybe в каталоге парфюмерии Аромакод.ру interwoven with the dosage – the is... Too strong of oud or bakhoor названием Montale rose Elixir принадлежит к цветочно-фруктовых. Rose smelled deep, syrupy, fruity, jammy rose, deep, syrupy fruity... To venture into something darker more femmie ) than I was expecting petals edp 100ml 2,080 грн Inc, Diego! Категории унисекс от Montale Elixir принадлежит к сорту цветочно-фруктовых парфюмов Purple за ціною 115 products regularly.